The Focus Group Company was founded in 2018 as a distributor of AV equipment and is a part of Russian Installation Market.

C`mon, who cares, and really read all this boring text?!

Let’s talk not about us, but about your needs!

What you can find on this site:

  1. Dealers portal. Very interesting and useful resource for our dealers, where you can find all the instruments you need for a proper work: prices, pics, specs, etc. It is always up to date, so its always actual…
    Caution: if you are not a dealer, oops, you are forbidden, sorry! It is only with our registration confirmation, double-check! If you are the customer-go to “Where to buy”.
  2. Actually “Where to buy” tap. Our wonderful dealers (every of them, we do not keep another), where you can buy our brands new equipment. You are a dealer? Wanna join the Dream Team and be on this page? Email us info@groupfocus.ru
  3. “Brands”. Our pride an honor! We love our vendors and proud to call them our friends. Any of your needs regarding custom install we will realize in the best way it is by the best companies in the World.
  4. “Contacts”. We don’t hide our faces, and you can always contact us in the way you`ll find more convenient…

What is the points of convenience to work with us?

  1. Stock is always on hand or on a way to. Popular models are always here, or somewhere nearby. No pre-paid needed! No need to wait!
  2. And the storage is situated…and the storage is situated… Wow! Just in front of the office! Not in a deep of Siberia, or somewhere outside city limits where you will stuck in a traffic jam to reach it. Have some coffee or tea, while we collecting your order. And surprise!!! It works as needed! You`re late, or can visit us only on a weekend?! Contact us and we will organize your pickup out of working hours! But contact us first-it`s important!
  3. You want us to help you to create a project?! No problem! We will help you at every stage of it! FREE! No payment, just your good mood, it`s enough!
  4. Support of the products you`ve bought! Full support even years later.
  5. Can`t read our price?! Not skilled in our brands?! Visit our office, and we will make a full presentation for you! You`re too busy?! If you`re in Moscow, we will come to you! And bring some cookies for you to join our side, Luke!
  6. Webinars, lesson sessions, road shows too -it’s always a part of our skill up program! Wanna join?! Subscribe and watch our newsfeed!

You`re a Designer or an Architect?

  1. Interior Photos? We have it!
  2. Engineering drawings?! We`ll create or help to!
  3. Fast delivery will not give an ability to client to change his mind! Joke! )) We will ship fast what we don’t have on our stock, for you don’t have to change the specs because of deadlines.
  4. We suggest favorable terms of cooperation! Ask it from Anton via anton@groupfocus.ru

You`re the Customer?!

1.We create a “Where to buy” tap specially for you! Didn’t find your location?! Call or email us-we will find a dealer for You!

Wanna work with us?!

Go to “Contacts”! We`re always open!

May the Force to be with You!

Focus Group (Dream) Team!