Origin Acoustics.

In 1994, they launched their own self-branded speakers under the name SpeakerCraft®. The meteoric rise of the brand was due, in no small part, to a man who has become an industry legend. Jeremy Burkhardt, was a young entrepreneur who’s drive and vision propelled the company to the leading position in the industry. For over a decade SpeakerCraft dominated what had become the custom installation business and set the standard for technical development and innovation. While the company was later acquired by a major conglomerate and Jeremy retired from the business, there remained a burning desire in his heart to reinvent the product and the process. Reunited with his original partners, Ken and Ed, they began to discuss the possibilities. Origin Acoustics launched to incredible fanfare in 2014 with a line of speakers that, once again, redefined the category. From a blank canvas, the engineering team applied decades of experience and reset the standard for what people could expect from architectural speakers. From that launch, Origin Acoustics has become the second most popular brand in the category as published in the 2019 CEPro Brand Analysis, the industry’s leading trade publication. Origin continues to grow, evolve and innovate, bringing to market the most advanced sonic solutions available anywhere. As we gaze into a very bright future, technologies will change and new ideas will become reality. And through it, all the focus will remain as crystal clear as it has been since the beginning. It’s all about the music.